As we always want to ensure you get the most out of your scan with us, we have put together some handy pointers for you:

  • To keep you hydrated, please aim to drink an extra 2 glasses of water per day on the week leading up to your scan.
  • On the day of your scan we do suggest having a snack a couple of hours before you are due to arrive with us.
  • It does help if you arrive a little early, have some water and a little walk just to try and wake baby up for us. If you are joining us for a well-being and gender scan a full bladder is required in order to lift baby.
  • If you are attending for a later gestation scan such as 4D a full bladder is required however it is important you are hydrated on the days before as the more fluid around the baby this can aid in the image quality.

Please bring your hospital notes with you to every scan, as we cannot scan you without them.

Ultrasound is now accepted as being of considerable diagnostic value. There is no evidence that diagnostic ultrasound has produced any harm to patients in the four decades that it has been in use. However, the acoustic output of modern equipment is generally much greater than that of the early equipment and, in view of the continuing progress in equipment design and applications, outputs may be expected to continue to be subject to change. Also, investigations into the possibility of subtle or transient effects are still at an early stage. Consequently, diagnostic ultrasound can only be considered safe if used prudently.

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